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Please note! Tickets for all events in the Sportpaleis Group venues are on sale via Tele Ticket Service. The official sales link is also listed on the venue’s website.


Always buy your tickets from officially recognized sales organizations. The official ticket sellers for all events in the Ethias Arena are: Ethias Arena and Tele Ticket Service. Do not buy tickets from malafide ticket sellers!

To buy tickets online, go to our CALENDAR and click the TICKET BUTTON of the event of your choice to book.

If you want to book by phone or have any questions about your tickets, please contact the Customer Experience Center of Tele Ticket Service.

Tickets for trade fairs in the Ethias Arena are sold at the box office, which is located on the right hand side of the entrance of the Ethias Arena. The box office is open during the opening hours of the trade fair. Always check the official website of the fair for more information about ticket prices, presales, discounts and opening hours. The official websites are listed in the information about the fair in our calendar. The sale of tickets for trade fairs is the responsibility of the organizing party.

At the box office

Tickets for an event that is not yet sold out can be bought at the box office from 1 hour before the start of this event.

Please note that there is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.

Enjoy with your group

Make memories that will last a lifetime, together with your association or group. The Ethias Arena offers special deals for many events. For more information please contact us via email on

Ticket prices with/without extra costs

The ticket prices mentioned on our website are the prices you actually pay for an online order. These prices include the cost of online payment, the service charge and the cost of delivery of electronic tickets.

For both online and telephone bookings, you have the option of receiving your tickets as e-tickets or as paper tickets. With a paper ticket, however, additional delivery costs will be charged.

When making reservations by telephone, you have to take into account a call cost of 0.30 euros per minute.

When you buy tickets at the box office, you pay 2 euros extra per ticket.

For a small surcharge of 3 euros per ticket, you can take out a cancellation insurance for your complete reservation. If, just before the event, you are confronted with a setback that makes it impossible for you to be present, you will receive a refund of your tickets thanks to this insurance.

Be aware of ticketing fraud

For most events, Tele Ticket Service will send the tickets at the earliest 4 weeks before the event date. The main reason for doing this is the fight against ticketing fraud and the black market. By delivering the tickets only 4 weeks before the event, resale at extremely high prices on the black market is being impeded.

Do not buy tickets from third parties reselling tickets at extremely high prices on the black market. Tickets bought from ticket resellers are often fake and give no guarantee of access to the venue.

Resale of tickets at exorbitant prices is illegal in Belgium. Facilitation hereof via a website is prosecutable. Any person offering excessively purchased ticket for resale via these concerned websites risks to be prosecuted in court.

Are you the victim of misleading practices, fraud or swindle? Report it here.

Visitors with a disability and/or wheelchair users

All Sportpaleis Group venues are equipped to receive visitors with a disability. It is our aim to accommodate you as well as possible and to allow you to enjoy a concert or show in the best possible conditions.

Please request your seats by telephone at 03/400.00.34 (from abroad +32.3.400.00.34), available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m., or via mail to and clearly state that you are a visitor with a disability (e.g. that you are travelling in a wheelchair). This way we can make the right booking for you. Even those who do not use a wheelchair may have specific needs. When requesting tickets, always indicate your exact needs, so that we can provide you with the best possible service.

The volunteers will be happy to guide you to your place in the venue.

Wheelchair users

In the Ethias Arena there are a few reserved places for wheelchair users and the person who accompanies them. These places, like those of all other price categories, are limited in number. So be quick to order. There is room for one accompanying person per wheelchair user. Tele Ticket Service will be happy to check for you whether exceptions are possible, for example to place families together, but unfortunately (and certainly for larger groups) this is not always possible.

Deaf and hard of hearing people

The Ethias Arena has no ring wire for the hearing impaired. Deaf and hearing-impaired people can take an interpreter of their choice with them. Or you can ask the organizer of the event to provide an interpreter. Together we will then consider whether this question is reasonable. Please contact the administrative department to discuss this.

Blind and visually impaired visitors

If you want to attend an event with a guide dog, please contact the administrative department of the Sportpaleis Group. You can reach us every working day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Belgium via 03/400.40.40, from abroad via +32.3.400.40.40. Attention, on this number you can NOT order tickets.

You can ask specific questions via



Ethias Arena
Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70
3500 Hasselt

Administrative service

Before contacting us with any question or remark, please read the frequently asked questions first.
Can’t find an answer there? Please contact us via:

You can reach our administrative service every working day from 9:30 a.m. till 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. till 5 p.m on 03 400 60 60 (in Belgium; +32 3 400 60 60 from abroad). Please note that you can’t order tickets through this phone number.


Sportpaleis Group welcomes events from various organizers and is sometimes also an organizer itself. PSE Belgium is our own events company, well known for a.o. Night of the Proms, which is organised in the Antwerp Sportpaleis since 1985.

For information about the shows or for press accreditations, we ask you to contact the organizer/promoter directly. The name of the organizer/promoter is always mentioned at the page of the event on the website.

Questions about the Sportpaleis Group and its venues or about the own productions of PSE Belgium can be asked via

Lost and found items

Please contact our administrative department (see above) about lost items.